the one person I have to give credit to is my friend David. He doesn’t know this, but he played the main role in my idea to make my RubyNotes a reality. If you know David, you know he is always joking (and I mean ALWAYS). He’d constantly shout “Ruby Notes!” at me during a conversation if I ever said anything, noteworthy of course. Everything I said became a RubyNote but it never annoyed me.

What started as a joke became

an idea & now my own brand.

The idea spread from friend to friend, and soon, to strangers on social media. I would get messages from people about how a RubyNote I posted resonated with whatever they were going through. Ever since then, I began boasting my RubyNotes both in my everyday life and on social media. All of this has given me the confidence, security, and encouragement to create my brand

& now I am here.