"You can fake the hustle but you can't skip the work."


"Do you. Set goals. Take control."




 "Life is temporary, focus on the present and be thankful."


"Que vivan las madres dan vida y siempre cuidan."


"Life's too short. Count your Blessings and Love the people you enjoy loving."


"More Winning, Less Hating"


"Live Life & Mind Your Business"


"If you're not growing in life you're making a choice to stay in the same place."


" Once you start to put yourself first, you stop pin pointing about what others are doing wrong."


"The more time you spend on other people's business the more time you sacrifice for yourself."


"If you're uncomfortable with growth your life will remain the same forever."


"If you feel like all the wrong people are around you right now, don't worry God will take care of it."


“It’s a tough process to stay grounded and patient when you are in a community bombarded by poverty, and everyone around you doesn’t see a way out but you and few others.”


“It’s important to live freely and authentically because if you’re always worried about what the next person will say, you will always be in fear.”


“Sometimes I really just do NOT give a fuck, but I am ALWAYS conscious.”


“I’d rather be respected for being real than be called a liar.”


“Forgiving yourself for your mistakes does not mean to continue repeating them. Learn the difference or stay in the same place.”


It is always my year. I don’t fuck with new year resolutions or shit like that. I get to it.


“Be 100% real. If they can’t accept it, cool. Move on. ”


“Be mindful of others. It’s not always about you.”


“Just because someone tells you you can’t do something doesn’t mean you can’t. If you accept it, the one with the problem is you.”


“I love when I love hard; that puts me in a good position where I stand tall and see nothing but greatness.”


“I will never allow myself or my family to be a victim of our environment.”


Everything in life is a process. You just need to get through it and the rest of it is God’s work.”


“The life I was given at the time I was given it, that’s God’s choice; what I choose to do with it is my choice.”


“The more I tell the truth, the less I confuse others.”


“Rise to the fucking problem that needs to be dealt with.”


“Don’t lose your soul trying to impress someone else.”


Love is a trip. Some survive and many give up.”


“When you find yourself getting lost in what already happened and what you’ve done, the best thing to do is to forgive yourself and let it go. Sometimes it’s really not worth being driven crazy in regards to your mental state. Just relax.”

“Don’t lose yourself with materialism. You do not die with objects.”


Wherever you stand in your life be sure you aren’t hurting anyone.”


“I am nobody’s savior but I will do what I can with pure heart.”


“There are always questions so stay alert to look for answers.”

“When everything seems like it shouldn’t be happening that is when your faith is tested. How deeply do you believe everything will sort out?”


“Just because you have an immense amount of options doesn’t mean you sacrifice the best one just because you want all.”


“Be mindful. Respect others.”


“Be the light for everyone even if it’s temporary.”


“I made a promise to myself to live loudly and say whatever the fuck I want because, regardless, if it’s something comforting for them or not, they will STILL judge me.”


Everyone has made an excuse before but only a couple get rid of them.


Find your present life motto and follow it. Your life motto will eventually expose itself.


It’s free to change your mindset.


Maintain character; fuck reputation.


Minimize mistakes.


Invest in your own brain.


You don’t have to work hard to make a living; you have to think hard.


Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.


Practice being in a place where you are constantly giving.


Don’t slip up on who you are.


Shut the fuck up and do the work.


God doesn’t make mistakes, we do. It is our job to not repeat them.


Repeat what you want mentally and physically and follow them lively.


Continue to be open minded. Do not let close minded people lock you in.


Get rid of shitty patterns because they are more repetitive than the good ones.


At 23 years of age, I have come to an understanding that family is everything and they know that. But once disrespect is involved they will be cut off too.


Anyone who doesn’t value you and doesn’t understand you are the prize, cool. You get that much closer to where you are really supposed to be.


It’s important to constantly remain open to more knowledge because when you begin walking around like you already learned everything is when you begin to lose.


The amount of money in your bank account will never define who you really are. Remain consistent in character.


Don’t test me. I don’t need an examination for my loyalty. You either have it OR you don’t. There will be no wonders; you’ll know.


At the end of the day, people are going to remember you for your actions, so whatever you say, do it.


There’s a lot of help the world needs focus on where you can be of use.


To change things, you build a new model to make the new excel.


Exercise your mind first; the rest will follow.


If you have dreams and you aren’t working on them every day, you’ll just continue to dream and nothing will change.


You have to be comfortable not being recognized. When you try to rush into publicity, you end up with false statements.


Model what you already are before you start pressing people on why they don’t respect you.


Share the game you’ve been taught. Don’t be greedy. You don’t win anything by not sharing.


People only care about saving what affects them. 


"Study your mind like you're about to take a quiz for it."


"Trust yourself before you trust anyone else."


"Shape your own identity before the world creates it for you."


"Everyone wants fame but can't handle when they speak on their name?"


"When you mind your business you stay on top."


"When you attain your future as soon as you see it, you don't complain about the process."


"Pain occurs in life just learn how to manage through it."


"Everyone has something to give to this world, many just don't care to look for it."


"Money doesn't define your character. Act right under all circumstances."


"The connection you make with people is what will distinguish you form everyone else."


"Gain control over your life or time will."


"Most people think. Few do."


"Stay true to yourself."

"Don't ever adjust to how people want you to be."